What is a Drone/UAV/UAS?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) commonly known as a drone, as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or by several other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy: either under remote control by a human operator, or fully or intermittently autonomously, by onboard computers.[1]  most all models are capable of carrying a payload, usually a camera which captures data, images and/or video.  Many models offer the ability to “live stream” the media from the camera to the operator on the ground in real time.  The cost to operate the units is much less than an airplane or helicopter and therefore we can offer images and video at a lower cost.  It also saves on resources such as fuel and aircraft maintenance and even reduces emissions since UAS devices run off batteries.


Is it illegal to operate drones commercially?

No.  It is only illegal to operate commercially if you do not have the proper licensing.  All of our UAS operators are licensed pilots and have an FAA Part 107 UAS Airman Certificate.  On August 29, 2016, the new FAA regulations (part 107) went into effect. We received our certification September 14th 2016  


How high can you fly?

The FAA regulations state that UAS’s can fly no higher than 400 feet without a Certificate of Waiver from the FAA. Most of our ATC authorizations for operations inside class D and B airspace have a ceiling of 100’  Typicallywe don’t need to get above 200 feet to complete our mission. There are exceptions to the regulations to exceed the 400′ ceiling to facilitate structure inspections since some of them are over 400′ tall the regulations permit us to fly 400’ above that structure. 


Can you fly at night?

Yes with a Certificate of Waiver from the FAA for night time operations, the process of obtaining a waiver can take up to 90 days.


Can you fly near airports?

We have ATC approval to fly in certain restricted airspace. Please contact us to discuss specific locations.


How long can you fly?

Our UAS’s usually can stay air borne on average 20-40 minutes before having to land to change batteries. We always carry multiple sets of batteries.


Can you fly over crowds of people?

The FAA guidelines state that you cannot fly a UAS over anyone not involved in the flight operation.  This includes flying at stadiums, sporting events, wildfires, or over crowds of people, including first responders at the scene of an incident.  


What kind of video and image processing do you offer?

Vortics Imaging does its own in house post production on a full suite of Adobe cloud based products.  All still images captured from our drones are professionally edited before the final images are delivered.  We have the ability to add attractive title pages for agents and sellers, video stabilization to smooth out bumps in flight, royalty free background audio tracks, and moving text (callouts) to our videos.