Industrial and Infrastructure inspections

Our goal is to be an invaluable asset in the inspection and maintenance sectors. Conducting aerial UAV inspections allows your team to review the data from the controlled environment of their office so they are able to make better decisions, resulting in cost savings and mitigating risk.



Infrared Radiometric Inspections 

Infrared cameras have been used in the inspection and maintenance industry for many years but the ability to incorporate UAVs to this task drastically increases the efficiency and safety of larger and more hazardous inspections. The best example of this is in the inspection of large photovoltaic arrays and commercial roof tops.



Structure and Tower Inspections 

UAVs ability to enhance worker safety, reduce fatigue and increase productivity, while facilitating tower inspections and pre-climb hazard assessments are becoming an important asset to inspection and maintenance firms.



Insurance and Audit inspections

UAVs allow insurance and private adjustors to get an overall assessment of damage quickly and safely. Increasing efficiency for everyone involved.





Aerial Mapping

UAVs are cheaper to fly than manned aircraft and faster than human surveyors, and they can collect data far more frequently as well. But as with other advances in surveying technology UAVs are not meant to replace human Surveyors, they’re meant to be yet another tool to be utilized to increase efficiencies.




From pre development to completion, UAV mapping can be utilized to create detailed 3D terrain models with survey grade accuracy, to volumetric measuring of material stock piles, to weekly progression images for easier communication and decision making with clients and peers.




From property or land transactions, to development, to public relations Aerial mapping can be used to create professional 3D models to showcase your asset in the best possible manner in a cost efficient way.




Weather monitoring coastal erosion, open face mines, animal herds, land use or foot traffic patterns, Aerial imaging creates detailed actionable data on a regular basis in a cost efficient manner.



Aerial Photography & Video Production

In todays social media age it’s more important than ever for businesses to showcase themselves, their service or their product in the most engaging manner possible. Through the use of UAVs (drones) we can create Cinematic Stills and Video at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. We also have the ability to Live stream aerial video of your event in HD.

Heres just a few examples of how this service can be utilized for your business.



Other Services

As the technology is just becoming main stream all its potential uses have yet to be realized, if you have a potential use of our services but don’t see it mentioned, feel free to reach out to us to discuss the capabilities of aerial imaging. Here are couple of examples of other ways to utilize our service. 

Private event surveillance and security- bring your security to the next level in a cost efficient manner



We will help you determine if UAVs are right for your business as an in-house operation or as a contracted service.